• Creating a wool panel

Carded Wool panels

Carded wool panels are multi-layered pictures made of naturally dyed, carded wool. Inspired by timeless fairy tales, children's stories and her own fantasy, Franziska Kopp creates these unique artworks. She mainly uses wool which is naturally dyed and carded in the valley of Verzasca.

This fine, airy, unspun wool - also called the fairy-tale wool - is ideal for creating these lively, romantic and dreamy fable scenes, which are intended to convey warmth and tenderness to the viewers.

Each panel is sealed under a framed glass. This ensures that the panel retains airiness, with its three-dimensional depth effect. An inner frame is inserted to create a space from the panel, which prevents the wool from being compressed.

The panel should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Where to see

Original wool panels from which printed cards and prints are made, can be viewed in the atelier on request or during current exhibitions (see under news).

Pictures can be made to order according to the size, theme and colours as required. For an estimate, please contact me by e-mail or phone.

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